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Frequently asked questions

How do I care for my new kimono?

Our vintage kimono have had a long life before finding a new home with you. With the right care, your kimono will last another lifetime. We recommend dryclean only for silk, shibori, hand-painted/embroidered, and lined kimono - with a drycleaner specialising in fine silks - to avoid damage, shrinkage, and colour-run. Cotton, wool, and synthetic kimono may be gently hand washed in cold water. Use gentle, fibre appropriate fabric detergent. The kimono may smell of mothballs when wet: this smell will fade on drying. Dry iron on low heat through a thin protective cloth. Do not iron over any decoration. Store in a cool, dry, dark place.

Do you sell online?

We have thousands of kimono, plus antiques, in store, with 50 - 100 new pieces going out into the shop every week. Every one of these is pre-loved and unique, and as a small team we simply can't manage getting each piece up and running on an online store too.

What days/times are you open?

Check out our VISIT US page for our opening days and hours.

I changed my mind, can I get a refund?

You are welcome to exchange your chosen kimono or other garment within 10 days of purchase, provided the kimono has not been worn and is in the same condition as when it left the store. Please check your chosen piece carefully before purchasing to be sure you are happy with it as we cannot provide refunds, or returns on antiques, collectibles, or other items.

What fibres are your kimono made from?

Most of the kimono at Asia Gallery are 100% pure silk. We also have wool, cotton, rayon, and occasionally ramie (nettle fibre) - if you are unsure of the fabric content feel free to check at the counter.

Do you sell men's haori/men's kimono/hakama/children's kimono/juban etc?


Do you sell samurai swords/other samurai or antique weapons?

Sorry, no - though we do often have samurai fans for use in tessenjutsu.

Can you send us photographs of your kimono/tansu/fabrics/ceramics for me to see/decide before I visit?

Sorry, no - we are a very small team and simply do not have the capacity to do this. Feel free to send along an Auckland-based friend to check out our stock on your behalf.

Can I put an item on hold or layby for a few days/weeks?

Sorry, we can only hold items for 24 hours before payment is required in full. Once the item has been purchased and if you cannot take it away immediately, we may be able to negotiate a later pick up.


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